Dalenys, 1st french Fintech 2017 according to Frenchweb ranking

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With PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication becomes systematic… but not for everyone!

Our advice for e-merchants to ensure their compliance, without having to use 3DS on all transactions

PSD2 adds new requirements concerning Strong Customer Authentication (like 3D-Secure), by making it mandatory for all payments!

If it was to be implemented as it stands, this measure would strongly impact the customers’ journey, and it would risk the deterioration of merchants’ conversion rates.

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Be2bill’s developers stake on Machine Learning to tackle fraud

Be2bill, the 1st French fintech, launches an innovative programme using Machine Learning to bring better support to merchants, concerning card fraud prevention. The programme aims at reducing the 3-D Secure triggering rate, while confining chargebacks and maximising conversion. Let’s look back at this project proposed by 3 developers, and conceived during R&D workshops with Jérémy Cohen-Solal, Chief Development Officer at Be2bill.

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